Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk

Although the Dodge Tomahawk looks like some kind of big-wheeled robot from a science-fiction movie or a moto-terminator from the Terminator franchise, it has enough power to leave its moto-terminator competitors with nothing but dust and burnt rubber.

A Conceptual History

The Dodge Tomahawk was what’s known as a concept vehicle, meaning that it was designed as more of an art project or an example of research and development rather than being designed for commercial use. In fact, only nine such vehicles were ever sold to the public and each was priced at just about $550,000.

Because of the hand-crafted nature of these monstrosities, the equally incredulous price of owning one, and the fact that they were absolutely, in no way whatsoever street-legal, production only lasted for one year: 2002.

A Theoretical Design

Much of the Dodge Tomahawk was never fully tested, such as the top speed, although engineers and researchers were able to extrapolate the values of these untested variables.

For example, the theoretical top speed was said to be approximately 420 miles per hour, although the rider might have been lifted off by the sheer force of the wind due to inadequate aerodynamics and streamlining.

Nine of a Kind

As already stated, only nine of these models were ever sold to the public. It would be kind of absurd to say that any more than one generation was ever produced, though you could technically claim that nine generations exist.

The engine used in the production of the Tomahawks was almost entirely the same from model to model, with the only obvious exceptions being the individual specifications and customizations of the buyers.

Inside of the strangely ornate, futuristic frame sits an engine powerful enough to generate lift if given the proper aerodynamics. If style says anything, this motorcycle–which resembles the Dolorean from Back to the Future–was also powerful enough to through time!

In reality, however, it had a liquid-cooled, OHV, four-stroke, V10 engine with 2 valves per cylinder and a displacement of 8,277 cubic centimeters, one of the largest engines ever used in a motorcycle. It also boasted a sweet 500 horsepower for untold power and performance.

Will We Ever See the Tomahawk Again?

Not likely. The only tomahawks in the news today are the tomahawk missiles the US has been stockpiling. It’s a wonder as to why, though, when the Dodge Tomahawk feels like it has just as much power but is so much more amazing.

Surprising Amount of Credits

Since only nine of these muscular monstrosities were ever added to the world of superbikes, motorcycles, and scooters, you wouldn’t expect them to have ever appeared in any films or TV shows; however, one did appear in a 2004 show entitled Extreme Concept Cars.

Social Groups

Like catching up to a Tomahawk traveling at full speed, it’s going to be an impossible task to find a good social media group for fans of the Tomahawk. There is this one, but it doesn’t seem to have been active since 2012.

Dodge Tomahawk – A Magnificent Concept

The idea of the Dodge Tomahawk still pops in and out of the dreams and fantasies of researchers and designers of motor vehicles, but we’re not likely to see such power in a commercially viable frame until at least the end of this century.