BMW R1200S

BMW R1200S

When luxury meets sport in a fantastic explosion, you are more than likely to find a BMW in the midst as the dust clears.

Though it was always a strange specimen in the world of sportbikes, it made quite a mark back in 2006. From its polarizing looks to its Telelever suspension to its Boxer engine, it was never made to be your standard racer. With that said, it accomplished quite a bit, though whether or not it was able to overshadow its R1100S predecessor remains the big question. 

A Brief History of the BMW R1200S

The BMW R1200S was released back in 2006 form the BMW Motorrad division. It was the successor of the popular R1100S, which was introduced to the world back in 1999. The 1100S was somewhat of a groundbreaking bike with 98 horsepower and one of the first boxer bikes with six-speed transmission. The idea of the R1200S was to surpass the power of this hybrid touring/sportbike. 

Touring the BMW R1200S (2006-2007)

The BMW R1200S has an interesting ride characteristic with a Boxer twin-engine providing plenty of torque and good hold on the turns. The DOHC 1170cc item revs up really nicely and moves into the next powerband near 6500rpm. 

The bike was made to be 29lbs lighter than the R1100S by using a new trellis-style frame instead of the alloy frame. The instrumentation was updated, though it retained the BMW-system indicator, which was quite unconventional. There were also some optional features that could be added to the bike, including switchable ABS, Ohlins shock absorbers, expandable locking luggage, and a lightweight Akrapovic muffler. 

Beyond the Timeline of the BMW R1200S (2006-2007)

The BMW 1200S was only around for one generation and there were no changes to the bike during the time. However, the bike was quickly superseded by the HP2 Sport, which was a double overhead camshaft bike. It was far lighter and more powerful than the R1200S at the base model, using a DOHC engine with an extremely powerful oilhead design.

The BMW R1200S In the News

Though the BMW 1200S has not been in the news for many years, the BMW R1200GS was just recently in the news as one of BMW’s first driverless motorcycles.

Celebrity Endorsements of the BMW R1200S

Though we have been unable to locate any specific owners of the BMW 1200S, we have been able to locate Jeremy Irons’ good-looking R1200 GS. 

The BMW R1200S In Pop Culture

One of the only pop culture appearances that the bike made was in an episode of The Killing, a crime drama miniseries that went off the air in 2012. 

Best BMW R1200S Groups

Though there aren’t any large groups that we have been able to find that are specific to the R1200S, the BMW Motorcycle Owners Association has quite a large forum filled to the brim with owners and enthusiasts of the R1200S.

The BMW R1200S – The Two-Wheeled Oddball

Though it was a fairly accomplished bike in its day, we don’t think it gave enough to outdo its 1100S predecessor. With that said, it was the perfect all-rounder for those looking for a hybrid bike somewhere between touring and sport.