Microsoft Xbox

There’s nothing quite like escaping into the fantasy of another world. And the Microsoft Xbox lets you do just that. Users can play games in virtually any category: shooter, car racing, life simulation games or role-playing games. The Xbox has become popular with gamers of all ages. 

What Is the Xbox?

The Xbox is a series of gaming consoles created by the American company Microsoft. The console requires a set of controllers and video games to be purchased. The Xbox product line also includes Xbox games, streaming services and the online service Xbox Live.

When Was the Xbox Created?

A team at Microsoft, made up of Ted Hase, Seamus Blackley, Kevin Bachus and Otto Berkes, pitched the idea of a gaming console to CEO Bill Gates in 1998. At the time, the PlayStation, Dreamcast and GameCube were all seeing massive success. However, the only other American company to try to enter the gaming business (Atari with its Jaguar console) had massively failed.

Microsoft intended to stand out by bringing all the capabilities of the PC to a powerful and flexible gaming system.

A History of the Xbox

After two years of production, Bill Gates first teased the new product at the Game Developers Conference in 2000. The final product was officially released to the public in 2001. The working name for the console was the DirectX Box. After some testing with focus groups, the name changed to Xbox.

The game console was instantly successful and generated extensive sales despite its high price of $299. A huge factor in the success of the program was its flagship game, Halo. The game was exclusively available for the Xbox and was one of the most anticipated first-person shooter games of the time. Sales of Halo broke all other video game records, selling more than one million copies in its first few months.

Microsoft then launched the Xbox in Japan and Europe but did not see as much initial success in international markets. In August 2002, Microsoft launched the Xbox Live Starter Kit. This was an entirely new concept for the gaming console world. Players were able to connect with their friends online, and they were able to download new content directly. The Xbox Live program had unprecedented success.

Xbox Console Versions

There have been three major Xbox console product lines.

  • Xbox Original: Released in 2001
  • Xbox 360: Released in 2005
  • Xbox One: Released in 2013

Who Buys the Xbox?

Microsoft released customer data about the breakdown of Xbox One ownership statistics. There is a close split between male (58%) and female (42%) ownership. The median annual income of an Xbox owner is $75,000, and the average owner is 33 years old.

How Many Xbox Consoles Have Been Sold?

Xbox consoles sold a record high in 2011 with 13.81 million units. Since 2011, the numbers have been dropping year after year. In 2018, 6.96 million units of the Xbox One were sold.

Xbox has had a place in many people’s childhoods. This gaming console lets you play with friends, lets you connect live with others or play on your own. It’s a great way to while away an afternoon in an alternate universe. The product has recently seen a gradual decline in sales over the years, but it’s also been more than five years since the Xbox One was released. With a new product line may come a revitalization for the console system.