1975 Laverda 750GTL

Laverda was reborn when they began production of the 750GT. Prior thereto, the Laverda brand was known for decent motorcycles, superbikes, and scooters; however, when the 750GTL hit the ground, Laverda stopped burning money and started burning rubber.

A New Face for the Company

Laverda was founded in the late 1800s initially with the intention of being a manufacturer of farming-style engines. The firm got off to a decent start and, almost 30 years later, the grandson of the founder created Moto Laverda, the motorcycle wing of the company.

Moto Laverda went on to create mildly successful motorcycles and engines for all kinds of different demand niches, including motocross, off-road, and other casual consumer purposes.

It wasn’t until the mid 1970’s that Laverda would produce a motorcycle of such incredible quality as to cement their name in the history of the motorcycle design even after going out of business in 2004.

Brand New Design

The 750 series officially began with the 750GT in 1968; however, auto-aficionados claim that it really got started when it released a new generation of superior superbikes in 1974.

The four-stroke, SOHC, parallel-twin engine with two valves per cylinder used in the 750 GTL was a significant step up from the air-cooled, four-stroke, 753cc, parallel-twin of the 750 GT.

Timeline of Versions with Changes

All in all, between the years 1968 and 2003, Laverda produced 28 different generations of 750-style motorcycles. Those produced in 1968 helped draw attention to the improvements in design that, come the 1970s, would eternally captivate riders the world over.

  • Laverda 750 GT “American Eagle” (1968-1969)

Let’s start at the beginning. The “American Eagle” kicked off Moto Laverda’s 750 line in 1968 with a better than average engine configuration, improving public perception of of Laverda motorcycles. However, the line didn’t secure the company as a serious competitor in the world of superbikes until the 750 GTL was released.

  • Laverda 750 GTL (1974-1975)

For this model, the designers and engineers at Laverda built on the designs of the Laverda 650, which had been in production earlier. This motorcycle was almost identical to the 650 except for a few major improvements including a lower compression ratio and an rejetting of the carbuerettors.

This model’s 744cc displacement and 65 horsepower enabled it to both hit and maintain speeds at well over 100 miles per hour.

The Laverda 750 GTL  in the News

There is little mention nowadays of the 750 GTL. It was removed from production more than forty years ago after a short two-year production span, adding it to the rank of short-lived but never forgotten motorcycles.

The 750 GTL as a Hollywood Star

Multiple variations and generations of Laverda’s 750 have been used in film and TV since the late 60s. In fact, the 750 lines has almost two full pages of credits on the IMCDB.

Social Groups

Because of the limited popularity of the Laverda brand and the fact that it has long been defunct, it is incredibly difficult to find any large social groups online. If you’re looking for small groups like this one on Facebook, though, you’re in luck.

The Laverda 750 GTL – A Lost Masterpiece

Unfortunately, despite the massive success of the 750 line in the seventies, it wasn’t enough to prevent Laverda from going out of business. Some might say that that’s what you get when you tease the people with a masterpiece of design and then remove it from production after only two years.